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   Step 1: Call to Schedule an Appointment. Tell Your Color Diva about the style of your home or business and what you’d           like to accomplish, and then set up a convenient time to meet. To make the decision process quicker and easier, get                       reference material and inspirational pieces ready to review.


        Step 2: The Tour. During the tour, you’ll discuss your color preferences, needs, and how you want each room to                            function and feel. The tour is a great time to discuss any other needs you may have, such as: space planning,                               remodeling, re-purposing, artwork, furniture and more.


           For exteriors, the process is similar but will include items such as hardscape, stonework, roofing, and landscaping.                      Your neighborhood may also influence your selections. Not sure if you want to tackle all the changes at one time?                        Your Color Diva can assist you in prioritizing and can provide options.​


          Step 3: The Walk-Through. You and Your Color Diva will walk through each room and view color options using large              paint chips, then narrow down the selections. Your Color Diva makes sure that there is color unity, balance, and flow                   throughout all of your rooms and spaces, both inside and outside. She will leave you with color chips of your selections             and a list of the colors, including the type of paint finish. You can give this list to your painter or paint vendor; Your Color           Diva can provide references.


   Step 4: Completing the Project. Your Color Diva is available to answer any questions before or during the project. Once  

 the project is completed, she will touch base to make sure all went smoothly.


                    Shoshanah's goal is to make the process both fun and informative. Decorating should be enjoyable. After 

                        all, your environment should be a place where you love to live or work in. 

  For more information contact: Shoshanah Siegel, Your Color Diva

  at: 562.260.6336 or at

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