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  Color and Design Consultation Services - While everyone loves the home décor they see on TV and in magazines

    many find that duplicating these ideas can be frustrating, time-consuming, and costly. Great style is within your reach

                                                        and within your budget with Your Color Diva. Get help for selecting wall colors,

                                                        furniture, flooring, tile, granite, rugs, lighting, artwork, accessories, fencing, architectural

                                                        elements, and decorative items for the interior or exterior of your home or business. 


                                                        Space Planning - Your Color Diva can help you determine the most effective placement

                                                        of new and existing items. In just one day, she can provide you with a re-design session

                                                        that will transform your home by rearranging existing furnishings. She can also help you

                                                        find additional storage space to make your environment clutter-free and peaceful.


                                                            Staging to Sell - In this tough market, Your Color Diva can

                                                        help you and your Realtor enhance the property's best

                                                        features and get it ready to sell. What a huge difference

                                                        a clean-up and a few cosmetic changes can make to potential

          buyers. Staging has been proven to reduce time on the market and attract buyers.


     Visualizing Changes Before You Commit - See what the improvements will look like

   before you pick up a brush or attach a shutter. Using her graphic design and fine art skills, 

  Your Color Diva will take a digital picture of your house or business and then show you what it

 could look like by using a computerized “view simulation”. . . saving you time and money.



                          Consultations - All consultation services are based on an hourly rate of $75/hour with

                             a one hour minimum. On site consulations run from 1-4 hours depending on the size

                              and scope of the project and the client's needs. 



 For more information contact: Shoshanah Siegel, Your Color Diva

 at: 562.260.6336 or at

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