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What clients say!



   I heard Shoshanah speak at a local homeowners' association meeting about the use and importance of paint color in older homes. Her 

     ideas seemed to be just what was needed as my husband and I were in the process of updating the interior of "older" home. By hiring                    Shoshanah we received expert advice about colors for the new kitchen that was under construction. She also provided excellent ideas

         and suggestions for sprucing up the other existing rooms. She helped to make our home to become beautiful while being respectful

          of our ideas/visions of what we wanted. Her suggestions were within our budget and the additional cost for her professional services                   saved us money in the long run by avoiding costly mistakes. She also helped us to consider options that were not any more costly

            than what we had in mind.  Thanks to her advice on where to shop I have a $40 painting in a focal point of my kitchen that looks

             like a $400 painting. She is an artistic and talented person with great people skills.  – Marion & Ron



           The services provided by Color Diva included color and materials selection for kitchen and dinning areas remodel. Living in a

           beach community in Florida, I wanted to use cool tropical colors with hot accents. Her price was more than reasonable and

          loved her choices. Living 3000 miles from the Color Diva's professional location made no difference in her ability to help make                        selections. Through the use of emailing photos and walking through color charts, she helped me narrow down and finally select

        the gorgeous palate for walls, accessories, and materials, as well as the types of accessories and materials. She is extremely

       prompt and knows how to stay on track with the project and budget; and she brings years of experience as a fine artist and

     professional graphics artist. I highly recommend her services to anyone. She is easy to work with, makes it fun, and takes the                     frustration out of the process for us lay people.  – Laurie Jo



     Color Diva kept me from going insane after a simple kitchen remodel ended up being a whole house makeover. Shoshanah save us     with her amazing insight combined with a professional eye that has turned our home into a lovely visual as well as a peaceful             environment. Thank you so much. I would recommend the Diva. 10 Stars!  – Jan & Jes

   I contacted Shoshanah Siegel for color advice prior to putting my home up for sale. She listened to my needs and 

      offered a series of color palettes to enhance the look of my home. She communicated clearly, which was a great

        help, and the end result was beautiful.  – Lynn 


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